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On condition of me going on a holiday with my cousins, I had to attend a 3day workshop that my mom had booked, with very little knowledge of what to expect. Firstly I was greeted with a warm smile which quickly faded into a work-mode face and at the end of day 1, I refused to go back.

My first day was extremely intense, challenging my every thought, making me second guess my answers, basically throwing me into the deep end with no life jacket. It was a pretty daunting place for a 15 year old!!

As day 2 progressed I started to see the light and the uncertainty of day 1 vanished, I became more confident in my answers and realised that I can’t continue to blame my parents, teachers, school for my grades, my choice of friends etc, that at the end of it all I am responsible for my choices  

I also didn’t realise that I was fast becoming my own worst enemy. I learnt that I am beyond my obesity (been labelled that since grade 1) or my zit-infested face ……… I am human and for the world to love me , I must love myself and that meant forgiving the world and forgiving myself




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