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What We Do

Welcome to 3Sixty4You; a life changing experience that channels you to true happiness. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. If you can imagine it, you can create it. If you dream it, you can become it. Get ready for an undiscovered journey of the self. The true beauty that was once dormant, now rediscovered and explosive.

The journey that we create involves many emotions these include hurt, pain, loss of positive energy, loss of trust, loss of focus of who we really are, and this sadly often goes unrealized. At 3sixty4you, Our main focus (with God by my side) is redefining the way you think and feel creating a way forward to a positive, new and rejuvenated self concept. Our heart is the volt for our souls, which if not treated with care, will perish. Our primary focus is to help you discover and release the grime which corrode our hearts, making it gleam with love, gratitude, acceptance and all the joy and happiness that it can inhale, and bring forth its true imbeyondage. It allows the soul to flourish. 3sixty4you directs you to be a survivor for life and beyond.

The course is designed to take a 360 look at where you are physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. The lesson plans include emotional un-blocking, creative un-blocking, living in the now, building self esteem, the use of mirror therapy, water therapy, breathing exercise to name a few. 3Sixty4You will show you principle teachings, and daily practices that ensure you move toward a happier YOU. Join me Fazeela Sayed, your Life Skills Coach as you enter a whole new world of rediscovering the things that matter most to you and your happiness.


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