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We are all brought up in a bubble, created by our parents, created to shield us from the evils of this world, unless it is experienced, we are oblivious to the reality of the crime that surrounds us. I was lucky enough to have my bubble reinforced by four years of living with my grandparents. I was guided by my parents and grandparents, an upbringing that not many are lucky enough to have, surrounded by love and happiness.


I was a confident, successful, bright young lady, and everyone had the most amazing and successful future planned for me. As I grew older and I became more aware of the realities of the world that we live in: that not everything is a bed of roses, I went from being an extrovert to an introvert, from being confident, to being afraid and paranoid.

I got married and had a child and had the weight of the world on my shoulders, worried about what people might be thinking of me, worried about the safety of my family, especially my daughter, worried that my family members might not be happy, and trying to figure out ways to solve all their problems............in the process of all my worrying, I forgot the most important aspect of my life, that my life, the life of my family and the life of every person on this earth is controlled by one Being, the most Merciful, the all knower, my Allah.


3Sixty4you was my eye opener. It has helped me work towards re-establishing my relationship with my creator. It has taught me,  once again to leave all things that are not in my control in His Hands. Instead of worrying, panicking and stressing, I now have Faith, hope, forgiveness, belief, appreciation and love. And it all comes from Him, 3sixty4you has returned me to the woman I once was, confident, stress free, and in appreciation of all that I have been blessed with.

I am grateful to have been blessed with a beautiful life, an amazing husband, an adorable little girl and a great and supportive family.... As humans, we tend to lose sight of the good things in our lives and we dwell on the bad, 3sixty4you has made me realise how much I have been blessed with and taught me to appreciate it, and realise that good and good come from the Almighty, bad is our perception of it!!!!

Yumna Varachia



I have no regrets and can honestly say doing 3Sixty4You was one of the best things I could have ever done for myself.

I did not know who I was, and therefore could not follow the path that Allah laid out in front of me with confidence and faith and most importantly Love for myself...

During 3sixty4you I was able to find myself again!!


The broken, insecure and confused person began to slowly fade away, while a strong, confident Tasneem was born. Someone who found direction in her life again and decided to be true to herself but most importantly include Allah in her life and walk in faith.


I learnt that harvesting negative feelings does not benefit anyone, especially not me; in fact it holds a person back, keeps us from moving forward.


Forgiveness is extremely important


I look forward to always having a smile on my face no matter what I’m feeling or how people treat me because I learnt an extremely important lesson "No one is in charge of your happiness except YOU!"



By the will of Allah and with Allah by my side and in my heart I will try and always remember all these eye opening lessons and practice upon them as I take these baby steps on this journey towards MY happiness



My experience with 360 for you
360 for you is truly a 360 degree all rounder for your body, mind and soul, for the first time I found myself hidden deep inside. When I started 360 I was a about to loose my insanity, a very angry person with many black dots forming in my heart and the most important God All Mighty was very far away from me. Today through 360 I have learnt to love ME, my FAMILY and most important to love my HUSBAND. This course has been an invigorating roller costa ride filled with all the mercy and blessings from GOD. One of my challengers in life was learning to let go and forgive but because of watering ANGER inside me I was not able to do that, today I proudly tell you 360 for you has helped me completely to let go and forgive.360 for has taught me to forgive myself first. My peace came when all my black dots were removed from my heart and I allowed myself freedom to be who I AM. Towards the end of my journey with 360 for you I realized that everything begins with me and ends with ONLY me because I truly make or break my life and the people around me. My thoughts, my emotions, or even my words are not enough to express what 360 FOR YOU has done for me, its was a life changing journey filled with beautiful  outcomes. I truly am special and blessed by GOD for directing me to 360 FOR YOU.




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