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Our Programs


This is a 3 day life skills course designed to help you live a more content life. Its principals, teachings, and daily practices ensure that you move toward a happier YOU. It is designed for the individual male or female seeking to live a balanced life. There are 12 sessions which include amongst others, Emotional unblocking, Creative unblocking, Self Esteem enhancement, living in the NOW, Brand YOU using  mirror therapy, breathing techniques, water therapy,



3Sixty4kidz is a  3 day program designed for kids 8-15 years of age. This course is foundational for the kid’s growth in an increasingly complex world that presents many challenges and little or no guidance in most cases. At 3Sixty4Kids, we teach kids the fundamental principles of gratitude, sharing, forgiveness, peer pressure, dealing with bullies etc.




This 3day program for couples is intense, often challenging the couple to move beyond comfort zones, expectations of each partner, breaking down the barriers of communication, focusing on forgiveness, gratitude, understanding and acceptance. Using various techniques that promote communication in the “same love language”,  couples move forward respecting the difference and appreciating the similaritie. The course also refreshes you as a couple taking you to a place where you can once again appreciate the things that brought you together.


Focus Group Sessions

Upon completion of the course, focus group sessions are held once every three months. Partners of the participants are encouraged to attend. This forum supports continuous enlightenment and empowerment.


Team Building and Workforce management in the Corporate World

To get the team aligned to the corporate objectives in a fun, focused and controlled environment


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