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Excellence is never an accident; it is the result of high intention, belief in a higher power, sincere effort, intelligent direction , skilful execution and the vision to see obstacles as opportunity....some might say she is an ordinary human being with extraordinary insight.

She starts off each day with a smile and most definitely ends it with a smile. It doesn’t really matter what happens in between so long the beginning and the end are full of smiles. She is driven, a little complicated, but her biggest attribute is her ability to look into another person’s heart, and just understand. She is compassionate. The positive energy that resonates from her soul is almost addictive. She is cool; she is a lot of fun, opinionated but at the same time caring and very considerate.

After 19 years of work in the corporate world where she held various portfolios in marketing and sales, Fazeela turned to another attribute she possesses but rarely shows; courage! She made a decision she was moving into a totally new territory, a place where she could explore her hidden talents, a place where she could give back to humanity.


She realises and honours her own worth, by simply following her passion. It takes a person with belief, sincerity, guidance and effort to conquer and further enhance a well coordinated and remarkable venture like 3sixty4you.


3sixty4you was birthed. Here, Fazeela believes she can begin to blossom in ways she never imagined. She can share. She can show love and she can lead. She can infect the world with her values, versatility and vibrancy and change a community one person at a time...


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