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A life changing course for you and your loved ones. We are excited that you have made an important decision to walk this journey with us of rediscovering your beautiful self, once again. Life is not a destination, it is a journey! Along that journey we go through many emotions, we get hurt, we lose our positive energy, we lose trust, we lose focus of who we really are, and most times we donít even realize this is happening.

At 3sixty4you, we care about getting you back to that positive space where you can begin once again to share a more beautiful renewed you with the people that surround you. We know that your heart is central to who you become. Our primary focus is getting you to a place where your heart is free again to express itself with love, with gratitude, and to show forth its true colour. At 3sixty4you, we take you to a place where you can live again.

3sixty4you will show you principals, teachings, and daily practices that ensure you move toward a happier YOU. Join us with Fazeela Sayed, your Executive Coach as you enter a whole new world of rediscovering the things that matter most to you and your happiness. Life Skills Coach Fazeela Sayed

Life Skills Coach
Fazeela Sayed
The Event
3sixty4you presents THE ESSENCE OF A WOMAN...in a world where focus is given to our husband and children and we conform to the norm That society expects of us, we often forget about ourselves, giving very little or no attention to us as women, as individuals.3sixty4you has an amazing program lined up to show you just how special you really are. The event promises to inspire, invigorate, and celebrate YOU the glamour gal, with a little bit of your unique sparkle. Join the 3sixty4you team and the phenomenal women & guest speakers, for an afternoon celebrating you.....and the Essence of every woman...... Sunday, Dec 1st, venue: Al Mehran Hall, Fordsburg, opp the plaza, Time: 14:00, Tickets are R200 per person, Women Only (no kids) Please contact Salma 0729753020
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